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Just over a year ago … God had brought Whitney into my life…  When I first met Whitney, I had no idea she was a scared young lady facing an unexpected pregnancy.  On the day God intervened she was thinking about ending her baby’s life.   I still am amazed at the lengths God will go for one of His children.   So the story begins…   I am a scared 16-year-old faced with an unexpected pregnancy and felt I had no other choice but to have an abortion.  I was a junior in High school and was so scared to share this with anyone, Only the baby’s father and he agreed and insisted that was the only option we had.  So on that hot July day so many years ago.  This scared 16-year-old walked into the abortion clinic alone.  I can remember the lady that did the intake papers say -  well as least you’re not as far along as you thought, this will make it easier.   There was nothing easy about that day.  Cherry street still haunts me.  I have blocked out the actually procedure.  Everything leading up to and after the murder of my little Hannah I can remember.  Some days I can smell a smell and it will take me back to that awful day. At the age of 48 I can finally put a name to that smell.  It’s the smell of death.    It took many years to walk through my journey of forgiving myself for ending my little girls’ life.   Fast forwarded to 2016.  God took this broken little girls story all the way to Honduras.  However, something had changed in her.   She is no longer a broken scared little girl.    She is a warrior.  She is a daughter of the one true King. she has discovered her worth in Jesus Christ.  And that little girls story is now her passion to save life’s.  Even If it means she has to leave it all and go to a nation most people never think twice about.   On that April day in Honduras. Victoria shared her story to a complete stranger.  Not knowing that, that stranger was 4 months pregnant and felt hopeless and ending her baby’s life was the only thing she had thought about for the first four months of its life.   When Victoria started talking about Hannah – and the pain of that awful day.  Whitney started to feel her baby move in her womb.  She describes it as if the baby was yelling MOMMY please I am here.  Don’t do it please.   Later that evening Whitney reached out to Victoria with her thoughts of having an abortion.  But knew what she needed to do after hearing the story of Hannah.   And was courageous and strong and chose life for her baby.   Now it is Whitney’s passion to be a voice of hope for her people in Honduras to choose LIFE…  Please continue to pray for Victoria and Whitney that God will continue to lead and guide them on their journey.   And walk freely in the doors only God can openand the ablitily  to speak life into young girls in Honduras as well as the USA.. 



Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight